Monday, February 15, 2010

Exceeding Expectations myVidster's Traffic Doubles to 225,000 Visits!

Recently myVidster's monthly traffic reached over 225,000 visits and 2.6 million page views! myVidster's growth is due to a increase in search engine traffic, organic growth and word of month. I am so proud of the myVidster project which was launch over 3 years ago where monthly traffic was only a few thousand visits. myVidster is proof that you do not hype from bloggers or money from VCs to be successful. I will admit that organic growth is slower than media hype, but I feel that the my users are more stable and loyal.

I hope myVidster inspires others to start up their own website. All it takes is an idea and dedication.


Pierre said...

Yea that's usually how the best ideas are born. "Coincidence" really just serendipity. I tell my friends on facebook and such about myvidster so maybe I'm helping lol. And I''m an artist, so if you need artistic contribution of any kind i'd be glad to help. Keep it up!

JANA GANGA said...

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