Sunday, March 28, 2010

myVidster's traffic is still climbing, now at 324,000 visits per month!

Can't stop, won't stop! myVidster popularity and traffic reaches new heights with over 324,000 visits and 3.7 million page views per month! I have put a hold on any new features and have been focusing on optimizing myVidster to manage the increase in traffic. If you remember the days of Friendster, one of their biggest drawbacks was site performance which in my opinion was one of the reason why Friendster did not reach the popularity of sites like Facebook and mySpace. Features like video searching and page load times during peak hours have been increased (< 2 seconds). myVidster's engine is very light weight which allows me to handle the traffic with only one server. Don't worry about server failure, all of your data is backed up to another server for safe keeping :)

Additional stats
Users: 15,092
Collections: 14,832
Bookmarked Videos: 109,222
Backed up Videos: 2,844 @ 62 GBs

Keep showing the love and invite your friends to join the myVidster community!


Lee Pierre Zillions said...

Whoooo! I'm glad see that all of your updates so far have been great news! You'll be at a million a month really soon. I know it. Keep up the great work. And can't wait til the profile pages come ;)

JANA GANGA said...

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Richard Majece said...
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embrycarter said...

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