Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New features and enhancments

Here is a status update for the ongoing development of myVidster.

New features:
On the myVidster homepage I have split up the 'Active collections' lists to popular and top user collections. I did this to show off myVidster's popular collections, recently I have added Ted Talks and The Huffington Post video collections and will add more in the coming weeks. The top user collections will highlight the power users of myVidster.

Performance improvements:

Yesterday, I introduce some un-optimized code which caused major performance issues to myVidster during peak hours. I fixed this and decided to hunt down any code that needed optimizing. Doing so I was able to improve page load times for video, subscription and the homepage.

Future updates:
More perks like ad free viewing will be giving to users who have purchase storage space. I will be relabeling the storage service as myVidster Pro upgrade.

There will be more updates in the future and if you would like to be first to hear about them please subscribe to my blog!


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