Sunday, November 7, 2010

myVidster went down, sorry about that

On Friday morning myVidster’s database crashed and failed to restart. I was able to get the site back up within a few hours but other services were affected and was later detected and fixed throughout the weekend. I would like to apologize for any down time and interruption of services due to this. Root causes for most of the issues have been discovered and I am working on implementing safe guards so that they do not occur in the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell users that all data (video bookmarks, thumbnails, backup videos, etc) are backed up to independent servers. In the unlikely event of hardware failure, I will be able to restore user’s data. If you find something not working please contact me. Do not contact me for bookmark videos (those that are not backed up) that do not play, bookmark videos are not hosted on myVidster and video playback issues is usually caused by the source site and not myVidster.


MJ said...

i cant believe you run a solo shop. kudos.

wesley m. said...

Hello: you are being 'flagged' as a local and independent online hero of mine, in recent news.

I have participated online expressing my view on interests through blogging for 10 years since the days of 'webrings' and Geocities [before the word 'blogging' was in the dictionary too.] However, a new subject for a post I was asked to write led to my services online now.

Asked to write a post for a blog about 'webcam' culture for dating and sex online, it has become my subject d'jour, a fetish, and since have personally become a online nudist and 'webcam whore' LOL :P

However, the persons I began to meet through the socialization were seeing me, expressing outreach for contact beyond a 'wank' and been told that many are charmed by me. I continued blogging the experience and after a year of taking photos of friends with screen capture, with the permission of all models, made a facebook photo essay of 2009 'webcam SOCIAL' Member's ONLY. It stands out as one of my best posts because it humanizes the friendship- making process and social media.

In January, 2010 after months of searching for choices to create a expanded interest group, a social network, not just a email group, I chose three builders all in beta. Each offered premium features for the life of the beta phase at no charge.

It turns out now, that one of the sites did not appreciate network builders with adult content even though they solicited former refugees with adult content to move onto their platform. We were treated in support tickets, forums and message boards like "scarlet lettered" adulterers.

THE other two platforms both announced in November the end of beta and the 'alpha' subscription packages at a fee available in the New Year 2011.

Just want you to know you may have some stamina, know-how and more in your journey online and inspire others like myself too.

Your service provides me a 'safe' storage for creating 'webcam' capture and original video content for my socials. My videos are 'member's only' and each fill a release form to make these available for free and on our networks.

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