Friday, March 4, 2011

iPhone and iPad support extended!

I have added more video hosts for iPhone and iPad support!
Backup videos (in MP4 format)
Bookmark videos with download link (in MP4 format)
If you have not guessed it, myVidster does allow the bookmarking of adult content as long as the user flags the video as adult.  myVidster has always been an advocate giving users the freedom to collect the videos they love.  We do have some restrictions stated in our TOS, which we have made to compile with US law and not to appease advertisers or to attract investors.


Mr. Dapper said...

my vidster isn't working today?

marques said...

It is back up, I was having issues on how myVidster caches data and I had to reinstall the web server. All is good now :)

Robert Welain said...

There are more information on that, just check out this entry!