Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to remove the filter on the MyVidster App

Hey, Vidsters! Want to access all of your curated content on our mobile app regardless of whether it’s family friendly or not? No worries. Here’s how:

1. Remove the filter by toggling it from your desktop first. You can do that by clicking here.
2. Restart the app on your mobile device and log back in. 
3. You should leave us a review!

We love hearing your feedback and not only do we read them, we work really hard to make improvements on a daily basis. IOS users can leave us a review here and Android users can leave us a review here.

For feedback on the app or any questions, please feel free to contact us through twitter here.


Anonymous said...

You should really put the gay option in front of straight option in your choices since 99% of the videos are about the guys.

Richard G said...

In google play its saying myvidster app cannot be found. I'm a frequent user of the app and had to restore my phone. Now I can't get the app back

Marques Gunter said...

The app is no longer in the play store you can download it here.


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Mike Miller said...

It should be back in Google play when I go to this link it only downloads a txt and if I find it elsewhere it makes my phone slow and I get viruses and tons of app ads that are made to look like they come from Google play but they dont

Anonymous said...

please, i installed the app in my android talet but when i try to log in my account myvidster doesnt let meto write my email and paswoord so what is the way to log in myvidster in my android tablet.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said....

There are some major issues going on with the videos on this website. Most all of the videos when you play them they have a green screen in the background. Can someone please tell me what the issue is.

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tjh52jacques said...

I am a PRO member, and suddenly it's gone, with just a long post telling the benefits of PRO membership, and downloads are limited. Also, there is now a large white space at the top left of the page. Is something broken? Am I still a PRO member?

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Unknown said...

How come I can't download myvidster on my android

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Lucide_boy said...

How do I change my default player. Because I need to use better player. But once click on the clip immediately pop up with unknown player. Please help me.

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1. Remove the filter by toggling it from your desktop first. You can do that by clicking here.

2. Restart the app on your mobile device and log back in.

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