Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scaling myVidster

I knew this day would come and what a perfect time! myVidster continues to growth at a steady rate and needs more room to grow! Luckily I already have a second server which is being used for hosting user's video backups and will now handle more of the backend tasks to free up resources on the main server. I recently setup replication for both the database and the search engine to spread load between servers.

When I said perfect timing it was not because it's the holidays, but the fact that I recently quit my day job to focus my energy and passion to the development of myVidster. This has free up the time needed to be more aggressive with the development and now the scaling of the site. It would not have been possible to keep up with site's growth and work a day job. Now that you know that myVidster is my full time job. Please conceded upgrading to a PRO account! There are lots of benefits being a PRO member including ad free browsing and online storage space for backing up your video bookmarks. Take care and keep telling your friends about myVidster!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New updates: video queue and tracking

myVidster users now have the option to add bookmarked videos to their video queue!  Using the video queue is a great way to keep track of videos that you want to watch at a later time.  Users can also set videos as Watched, which is very useful when keeping track of videos you have watched and to avoid the mistake of rewatching a video (unless you want to).

Updates and optimization have been make to the user's subscription page.  If you are following more then 10 users, pagination is enable for the subscriptions list and you can customize your subscription page by hiding and showing those you are following (ie subscribe to).

As always there will be more updates in the future and I will like to make a side note that growth of myVidster's community and traffic have been great!!!  Thanks again for all the love and support!