Monday, July 2, 2012

July 16th, myVidster's Day of Shameless Promotion!

Greeting Vidsters!  myVidster has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple video bookmarking service to one of the largest social media networks on the web today.  myVidster reaches over 3 million unique visitors a month generating over 100 million page views!  The growth of the myVidster community was not due to a post on a popular blog or by the mainstream media.  Its success was from YOU.  You told your friends about myVidster, shared your favorite video bookmarks on Facebook and Twitter, provided feedback and help financially by upgrading to our PRO account.

I know you have given a lot and I am thankful for this, but I would like to ask for one small favor.  On Monday, July 16th I will be launching promotional campaign to inform the rest of the world of our wonderful service.  My issue is that myVidster's entire staff consist of one person who is myself.  I am asking you, the myVidster community to set aside of few mintues of your busy day to help in the promotions.

If you want to help this is what you can do.
  1. Follow us on Twitter @myvidster.
  2. Install and rate the Android myVidster App on Google Play.
  3. Share myVidster on your favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).
  4. Tell the world why you love myVidster on your Tumblr/Blogger/Wordpress.
  5. Add our video sidebar widget on your Tumblr/Blogger/Wordpress.
  6. Make a 60 second video about myVidster.
  7. Tell your friends about myVidster over beers.
  8. Be creative and have fun with it!
Some would ask, so what do I get in return for being your marketing rep for the day?  For one, I will be eternally grateful and if we was to cross paths I would offer to buy you a beer :).  If you are promoting myVidster to a large audience and you can provide proof of your work please contact me and I will upgrade your account to our PRO service for free.

So mark your calendars for this day, I will be post announcements on a few days in advance as a friendly reminder.

Thank for all the love and support.  Keep collecting!