Sunday, January 1, 2012

A geeky explanation on myVidster's growth

It's time to start the new year by geeking out!  December was a great month in terms of growth.  To give you an idea of myVidster's growth rate I ran a few queries for video bookmarking.

Video bookmarks for the last 3 months.
Oct: 300,460
Nov: 308,709
Dec: 357,149

Now lets take the daily average for December which gives us 11,520 video bookmarks a day!  We also have over 163,000 registered users.

To manage our growing community and to keep the site running smoothy I have added another server to the family :).  Currently myVidster operates on 4 servers, now lets break down what each server is doing.

Server1: Web Server
Server2: Database
Server3: Chat/Messaging
Server4: Search

The servers do other important tasks, but the ones listed above are their primary tasks.  I have also been hard at work with code optimization for the search, chat/messaging and database services.  I will like a make a side note that chat/messaging performance has been improve greatly, so please message away!

Well that is it for now, take care and keep collecting!


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