Saturday, July 17, 2010

myVidster API (Beta)

Here is a how to guide for using our API. The API is in beta and we need your feedback to make it better. Only a few functions are available but more will be added soon (requests will be given higher priority).

myVidster account, if you do not have one please register here.

Insert function
This function will bookmark videos to your collection.

Syntax: encrypted password&channel_id=channel id&url=encoded url to video

: Your email you register with myVidster.
password: Sha1 encrypted password use a hash generator to encrypt your password.
url: Encoded url of webpage containing the video use a url encoder to encode the url.
channel_id: This is the ID of the channel that the video will be save to. Go to your video collections homepage and click on the channel link (typically it’s call Favorites). For example the ID for this channel is 13512.
access (optional): By default all videos are given public access. To set to private use 1 and if the video contain adult content set to 2. Note if you are require to flag videos with adult content.
embed (optional): If myVidster is having issues fetching the embed then provide the embed code (url encoded).
count (optional): If multiple videos are found on the source page, then it is recommended to specific which video you want to bookmark. Videos are fetched from bottom to top and by default myVidster will fetch the last video on the page (default:0). If you set the count to 1 it will skip the last video and fetch the next one.
Return values (in XML format):
video_id: Video identifier can be use with the fetch function.
title: Title of the video.
description: Description of the video.
thumbnail_url#: myVidster attempts to fetch a video thumbnail from the video host, if it cannot find one then one will be generate. Use the fetch function to get myVidster's generated thumbnails (recommended).
status: Will have the word Success or an error message.

Fetch Function
This function will retrieve information of a bookmarked video.

Syntax encrypted password&video_id=video
email: Your email you register with myVidster.
password: Sha1 encrypted password use a hash generator to encrypt your password.
video_id: : This is the ID of the video. You can get the video ID when executing the insert function or in the video url. For example the ID for this video the ID is 253050.
Return values (in XML format):
video_id: Video identifier.
title: Title of the video.
description: Description of the video.
thumb_status: Will display either a Completed or Pending message.
thumbnail_url#: Video thumbnails for the video. Wait for the Completed message to appear in the thumb_status. If not you will retrieve a temp thumbnail image.


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