Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Features: Chat Toolbar and Profile Photo Uploading

While general administration and break/fix has been consuming a lot of my time I still manage to allocate time to push out requested features!

Users have been wanting a way to communicate with other users on myVidster.  Some suggested an inbox. which is a great idea, but I decided to go with a chat toolbar solution instead.  The chat toolbar should be more effective because you are able to see if the person you want to communicate with is online and you will have a better chance of the user reading your message.  Who really wants to have another inbox anyway?  To chat with other users, you will need to follow one of their video collections.  When the users you are following is online they will show up on your buddy list.  Chat away!!!
You can now upload a profile photo as well!  Before you could only use your Twitter or Facebook photo.  To upload your profile photos go to your user options page.
I take user feedback seriously and around 60% of your suggestions are implement and one way or another.  Please continue providing feedback by contacting me via email, twitter, or commenting on my blog.

Thanks and keep collecting!


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Anonymous said...

sucks if the pick doesnt even show!

MyVidster said...

More and more users are uploading their profile photo. Last time I checked over 1000 users have added a profile photo. Don't worry, give it some time, profile photos are a new feature on myVidster.

Xtube said...

The chop situation hinders the pic to posted for me via iPhone. Smh. Please fix

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