Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Back, Actually I Never Left

Greetings Vidsters and guests! Here is a development update for the curious.

I recently added a new server to the family.  This one will act as a image server to offload some of the image hosting that the master server has been handling.  Also on my master server I had an under utilize RAID disk, so I move the most of the images (ie video thumbnails) to RAID.  These updates have reduce server load during peak hours by around 30%.

Also in the works is an automated system for removing video bookmarks that no longer play.

On a personal note, I was in San Fransisco for 2 weeks for business and I love it!  What I love the most was not the city, but the people.  They are diverse, creative and all around good people.  Living in the Midwest you get good people but can fall short on the diversity and creativity.  Not trying to bash my own home, oh wait I will ;).  Anyway there is a possibility that I might move out there, if I do watch out, because I am bringing a storm with me!

Take care and keep collecting


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