Tuesday, January 8, 2013

myVidster's 2012 year in review

Greetings Vidsters!  2012 was a great year,  myVidster experienced another year of rapid growth.  This growth being all organic, expect for our day of shameless promotion campaign ;).  I added more servers to handle the growth and to maintain an enjoyable user experience.  Here are some stats to give you and an idea of the size of our community.

Register users: 314,748
Group membership: 21,807
Android user installs: 34,507
Monthly Unique Visitors:  5.1 Million (current)
Pageviews:  240 Million (current)
2012 highlights:
myVidster wins appeal in the 7th circuit count rejecting the claim that embedding is infringement.
myVidster Android and web app reloaded!
myVidster Group Pages.

While this list of accomplishments may appear small, I always focus on quality over quantity.  I spend most of my time improving new and legacy functionally on the site to ensure that users have the best experience.

What to expect for 2013:
The return of the PRO membership!
Localization of myVidster.com (beta launch will support French and Spanish)
myVidster store!

Well that is all for now, thanks for all the love and support and keep collecting!


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