Thursday, March 21, 2013

myVidster PRO is back and language support

Greetings Vidsters!  Here is a quick development update for your favorite video sharing site myVidster!

myVidster PRO is back!
By popular demand I have brought back myVidster's PRO membership.  The membership gives you an Ad free experience, PRO badge and is a easy way of showing your love and support for myVidster :)

Language support in French and Spanish
If you look at the top right corner of myVidster you can change the language from English to either French or Spanish.  Currently the front end is translated and I am working on getting the user administration translated.  Hopefully I can have the entire site translated by the end of March.

Mobile App updates
I have made several updates to the Android and mobile app, mostly stability fixes.  I developed a native iPhone app, but was unsuccessful in getting it approved for the app store.  All I can say is that I tried, heck I even purchased a Mac Mini to develop the app.  Maybe in the future Apple will relax their guidelines so that great Apps like myVidster can be published.  For now iPhone users please use the mobile app, it works great you just lose the download to phone functionality.

On the bright side I can now say that I am a proud Mac owner ;)
Well that is all for now, keep collecting!


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