Sunday, August 28, 2011

myVidster Android and iPhone App Private Beta!

Here is a video demonstrating both the myVidster Android and iPhone app.

I was working on a shorter video but I kept messing up and I rather get the app to the beta testers then to worry about posting another video.

Version: 0.5
Version date: 18-Sep-2011
Download/Install: (Andriod 2.1 and higher)

Note:  Bookmark this link to your Home Screen

This is a private beta, only users with a PRO account can access the app.  PRO users can report any issues by commenting on this blog post or by contacting me directly.  When providing feedback please be descriptive of the problem.  Saying 'it does not work' does not help me much.  Include detail information like what version of Android/iPhone you are using and any error messages.  Also provide feedback on what additional functionality you would like for me to add.

OK that is all for now, I am exhausted!  Building a mobile app is not an easy task and I hope you all enjoy it!

Update: Issue Tracking
30-Aug-2011: I discover a possible memory leak which causes the video page to load the same video even if you select a different video.  I am working on a fix.


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Z said...

I'm getting a parse error when I try to install it. (Using Android)

MyVidster said...

Z what version of Android and phone are you using?

Z said...

Samsung Vibrant. Using Froyo.

MyVidster said...

Z, I Googled 'Froyo' and it appears to be Android 2.2 and I complied the beta app for android 2.3. Can you upgrade your android OS? If not I can create a 2.2 version for you.

Z said...

Hey Marcus, I wish I could upgrade to 2.3, but it's not available for my phone yet. If you can create a 2.2 version I would really appreciate it. :)

MyVidster said...

Z, try this version

J bootz said...

I was having the same problem....tried that link and its doing the same thing

MyVidster said...

J bootz, what version of Android and phone are you using?

ChaddBreon Cal said...

Im working on the 2.2 and for the same error. I'm going to see about updating to the 2.3 tomorrow

MyVidster said...

Is anyone else who is running Andriod 2.2 are having issue installing the 2.2 app?

YASSER Faraco said...

yes having a lil problem .. after the instalation when i click on it it say " there is a problem parsing the packge

MyVidster said...

YASSER, I will ask the same counter question as i did with everyone else.

What version of Android and phone are you using?

Beta testers please provide me with this information before posting.

youngb215 said...

hi i am also using the 2.2 & having the same (Parsing The Package) problem.

MyVidster said...

Ok, I think I solved the install issue (I hope). After I complied the file I was renaming the file which could be causing the install to fail. Try to download and install the APK file from the new links I have posted.

If that fails copy the APK to your SD card and then attempt to install the app.

Anonymous said...

Ok i installed it on my myTouch but when I click on my saved videos it keep bringing up the same old video I viewed before it's driving me nutz

MyVidster said...

Anonymous, that is a know bug where the video page refuses to refresh with the new video (reported in issue tracking, 30-Aug-2011).

I am working on a fix and will have an update available something today or tomorrow.

For now you will have to force quit the app and restart it.

Mitch said...

I am unable to install the apk on my 2.2 LG Optimus I keep getting the same error... unable to parse package... I have trying to install it from SD card as well... not working for me

Mitch said...

Okay so I unmounted the card then remounted it and it installed from the site...

MyVidster said...

Mitch, i JUST uploaded new versions. If you the copy you downloaded does not work download it again and report. Thanks!!!

MyVidster said...

New beta version posted (V 0.2).

Combine installer for versions 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3+

Fixed the annoying issue where the video page would refuse to load a new video.

Download here:

Mitch said...

Thanks for the help!

MyVidster said...

Mitch, my pleasure :). It appears that the app is now working on Android 2.2. I was wrong about fixing the video page issue though :(. Good news is that I have found a way to reproduce this error in my dev environment and I should have a fix for ver 0.3.

Afrikana Black said...

There is no iphone app for myvidster!

MyVidster said...

I do have an iphone version, but I cannot compile the app b/c I do now own a Mac. Want to donate one?

When I get my hand on one then I can deploy an iphone version.

Just a reminder that this is a BETA release.

Anonymous said...

It wont let me sign in i tried so many times

MyVidster said...

Only PRO users and use the app (during the private beta). Are you a PRO user?

Kalash said...

Hey - in the Android app, can you make the back button take you back... ;)

Move it back to the search list from the video you've selected - rather than exit the app?
Maybe put an exit verification popup if you're at the first screen of the app?

Every time I click on a video there are ads on the video page. The "Collect" or "Source" buttons sometimes overlay the video.
If the video starts playing, and the phone rotates - the screen rotation crashes the player and it exits back to the search list.

MyVidster said...

@Kalash, thanks for reporting the issues. I notice that the back button would sometimes quit the app, I will look into this issue.

For the video restarting when you change rotations this is by design. I decided to do this b/c on older phones like the nexus one, the video would lose sync and become choppy and a few videos refused to re-size while playing.

Also make sure you are using the latest version 0.3.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

So I've tried soo many times to log in, and its not working. I am using the latest app but it still dosent want to work . Can you make one for non pro users? I think everyone woyld agree to that . :)

MyVidster said...

@Anonymous, the app is working as design, it will not let you log in if you are not a PRO user. I am still working on the final version and when its ready I will published the app for everyone to use.

Anonymous said...

i have iphone 3g and i can't find it on my phoe....

Anonymous said...

Love the app...except only rarely do my subscriptions load properly. One time, it said no subscriptions found. Tonight only three videos were displayed.

Anonymous said...

I went thru all of that deleting apps to make room for this app only to NOT be able to log in SMFH!!!! Deleted my apps for NOTHING!!! Whats a Pro user???????

MyVidster said...

I wish you guys would read my blog post ;).

PRO users, are those who have upgraded their account.

More info at

MyVidster said...

Version 0.4 just release (yes still in private beta)!

Other then bug fixes, I have added navigation for listing videos by User, Collection and Channel.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded the ap to my phone and it keeps telling me login failed....I know this is my correct user name and password...what am I doing wrong? Please help....

MyVidster said...

Version 0.5 is now available.

This version is a PUBLIC BETA! The app is now available to the public. I will make an announcement on myVidster sometime tomorrow.

Enjoy :)

jjcarey29 said...

Okay I have downloaded the application, but when I try to view the videos, it gives me the option to download adobe flash 10.3. This is the problem because adobe has not made this version of flash player compatible with android yet. That's why cant be adobe site there is no option to download or when I try it just gives me an error message

MyVidster said...

jjcarey29, you need to install the flash player app.

Anonymous said...

Thank u, so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just updated Android to 4.1, and now, the app freezes when trying to collect a video. I wind up having to use my task killer to end the app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the myvidster app, as well as Adobe flash, but it still does the same thing. Do you happen to have a forthcoming version that addresses this issue? Also, I still have the issue others have mentioned with the last video refusing to clear when I select a different video.

MyVidster said...

App freezing on video collecting has been resolve. Thanks for bring the issue to my attention!

Anonymous said...

I just upgraded and some videos are crossed out. It seems I'm only able to play youtube videos is this normal?

MyVidster said...

@Anon, video playback support for the iPhone is limited, I am working on improving this.

Anonymous said...

Hi, so i recently got the samsung galaxy s3. I downloaded the my vidster app from google play. When i clicked on a video i wanted to watch it said i needed to install flashplayer and it provided me with a link to googleplay where i could get flashplayer. Idownloaded that too. the video still doesnt work. instead of just a message about needing flashplayer all there is is an empty space where the video window should be. And i know the flash is working because it works on other websites.

Anonymous said...

Hi can you please make a Windows Phone app so we can get in on the fun? Please?

Anonymous said...

Using android 5.1 and can't get or download myvidster, why is that????? Please help me out!!! I love myvidster!!!!

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