Sunday, August 28, 2011

myVidster Android and iPhone App Private Beta!

Here is a video demonstrating both the myVidster Android and iPhone app.

I was working on a shorter video but I kept messing up and I rather get the app to the beta testers then to worry about posting another video.

Version: 0.5
Version date: 18-Sep-2011
Download/Install: (Andriod 2.1 and higher)

Note:  Bookmark this link to your Home Screen

This is a private beta, only users with a PRO account can access the app.  PRO users can report any issues by commenting on this blog post or by contacting me directly.  When providing feedback please be descriptive of the problem.  Saying 'it does not work' does not help me much.  Include detail information like what version of Android/iPhone you are using and any error messages.  Also provide feedback on what additional functionality you would like for me to add.

OK that is all for now, I am exhausted!  Building a mobile app is not an easy task and I hope you all enjoy it!

Update: Issue Tracking
30-Aug-2011: I discover a possible memory leak which causes the video page to load the same video even if you select a different video.  I am working on a fix.


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